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The morning was around the camp lots feet, human feet, shoe prints Siberian tribes. Guide us but said that in these places are no known tribe knows. It occurred to us to follow the footsteps, must lead us to a hitherto unknown residents. We were lucky that night snowing, so we have a couple of hours after clocking really encountered the unknown tribe. Its inhabitants lived entirely unscathed time, lived in čumech, wore leather clothing and using a simple wood and stone tools. Fortunately, they were not hostile and their language was very similar to other languages ​​Siberian tribes.

Web 2 Webs Update

Web 2 Webs Update

They took us to the chief, and our guide gave him immediately to talk while we did translator. The tribe says Čumungové, which could be translated as a last resort. Their customs, deities and lifestyles are different from other tribes, except for the fact that this strain is the last time that remained unstained. They are aware of some of the inventions and science of modern times, but decided not to do that and stay in seclusion. But now they need our help. All the animals disappeared from the surrounding forests, and the people are hungry, they do not know what happened, the only thing that occasionally find are special large footprints in the snow and some reported seeing a large creature with white fur as he walks on its hind legs, either alone or in a group. Always said you could hear a sort of slap and snap. Therefore, around our camp at night deliberately left traces that led us here, and that’s why we received so kindly.

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