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After waiting a while to open the metal door and entered the room the other two members of this race. One of them slapping something very special and a second voice in our language one sentence repeated. Thus, we learned what will happen to us and what was actually happening. Devastating news that there will be held, in order not to disclose what we saw us broke. But it was not the worst of it. In another announcement, we learned that this race does not come from Earth, but from a recently discovered planet in our known as Proxima Centauri b, orbiting a small star, Proxima Centauri.

Web2Webs Directory

Web2Webs Directory

On Earth they came to exploit the earth’s core, which would then be placed into your planet. Their planet is many billions of years older than the earth, so are their core cools Earth’s surface and getting ice age. They have already used this method on Mars because Mars is barren lifeless planet. Thanks to the use of active earth’s core, delaying one ice age and through evolution to adapt to conditions that occur. The core of Mars but was not strong enough for the planet that is larger, and thus did not manage to fully adapt. They studied us for a long time, and when they realized that they are very similar, they decided to our core, which is bound to cause similar conditions as their core. Our language is learned only some individuals to be contacted.

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